Sunday, January 10, 2010


Santa Claus came! It was a white christmas (i guess) and Santa was very cool this year. Santa brought me uggs, a snugiee, Wreck this Journal, Chess, Gingy plush, Scooby Doo plush, Chess timer, a bracelet kit, and more! Simon got legos, a video camera, pokemeon action figures, a baukgan, and more. Kasey got a Dublo set, a makeup kit, blocks, a pizza kit, and more! Madi got a cool bag, a llama stuffed animal, zebra converse, uggs, hypro dash, and more. Don't forget Madi got a letter to Santa saying she will have a day at Abercrombie & Fitch in New York. No she hasn't used it yet. Santa was fantastic! pics soon!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland! I was on my way to lunch like everyone else, when I got pulled out of line by my music teacher Ms. Golding. I was asked to play the role of Small Alice! That means I would meet the Caterpillar, Flowers, and the door knob. I am very small, so i'm perfectfor the role. And I will be so amazing!

Thanksgiving visit!

Back at Thanksgiving, we had some visiters. Not going to Grandma Sonia's, but when we came home we had guest. Grandma Bonnie, Grandpa, and Bradley. We played legos, built a gingerbread house, made cookies, and more! It was a nice visit. We had fun getting down and funky. Here are the pictures of our adventures!
Alli, Bradley, Grandma, Kasey, Madi, Mom, Grandpa, and Simon.
Alli, Madi, Grandma, Kasey, and Simon.
We really had a blast! We can't wait to see everyone again soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Turkey Month!

It is officaly November (Turkey Month) and we are having Thanksgiving here this year. We are so happy to have everyone coming. And this means.......... Turkey Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!!!! TURKEY MONTH! Turkey month is very awesome. Stay tuned for our Turkey month even if you aren't coming.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade

Every year at Barley Sheaf, we have a halloween parade! Whether your a princess or a ninja, anyone can come. We get to dress up and walk around the black top with our friends waving to all the parents who show up. Like I said earlier, I have Mrs. Carson. Out of our whole class, she is the only one who likes the phillies, so she was a philly. However once when the phillies won, she wrote a message that was to tell us we are wrong!
I was Padme from Star Wars,and Simon was Han Solo from Star wars, and Madi is going to be a rapper. Tomorrow is Halloween! And we are so happy! :) As you see above, we had our parade.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gingerbread Man (3)

We left off right where I hoped it didn't harden, lets keep going.

I looked at Simon and he was too busy coloring to look at me looking at him for him to look at the mix (wow a lot of look). I washed my hands then I touched the one of the legs gently. It felt moist, not too hard and not too mushy. I went back to the sink.

4 hours had past and still no decorating him. We had gotten our flu shots, H1N1s, and played. Not to metion in the pan came the sample of the gingerbread man dude so we could get an idea how to make it, and dad put the pic in my room. Yeah!!!!

Still I wondered about this gingerbread dude. Would I like him? Will Kasey eat him before we put the gum drops on???

I waited for dinner to come and that lasted 30 minutes, not to mention having to clean up 8 spots (Mom, Dad, Madi, Alli, Simon, Kasey, Grandma, and Moe) one after the other. I went upstairs and hoped Our Gingy wouldn't crack.

I just hoped we could make gum drop buttons.

Occasion???? Not yet.......

To be Contiuned............

Gingerbread Man! 2

Where did I leave off? Oh yes right when we saw the kits.

So I asked my father if we could get it. He said yes, because he knew I wanted one. So I grabbed it and quickly walked to the register. Right then I said we need the mix to make it. We thought for a minute, then dad said we could go to Shop Rite. Well Mom and I were supposed to do that when we got home. We got to the car and unexpectly drove over to Shop Rite. Well this sounded confusing. Mom was going food shopping when we came home, but Dad and I went before coming home, how bazar. I also noticed that we didn't get anything else, just the mix.

I grabbed the "mix" and put it in the basket. My turn to carry someting for once. So we got to the register and went home. I shared the pan and how cool it would be to use this mix. But of course, we didn't have enough. How come???? Well lets put one thing straight we had 1 arm. I thought for sure it would all melt, but it didn't. We put the other flavor in the fridge and put our "Gingerbread man" in the oven. I showed Mom and then we zipped off.

Surely I knew we would be there for a while, but we were only gone for 1 hour, not 2. When we got home, Grandma was here. I showed our Gingerbread man and she thought it was cool. So we had waited for it to cool, letting it sit out with nothing covering it. Hopefully it won't harden.

That was NOT the occasion.

To be Continued....................