Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School Spelling

Everyone wants to know how school is going, so I will tell. I got an A+ on my spelling test. It was easy as pie. Simon is loving first grade. He got picked to be with Mr.Kassick. Congrats Simon! At school, tomorrow is the last day on the Island Flamingos (my table). Every table chooses a team name and we get stars if we do good things, and the table with the most stars at the end of the day wins a surprise. Oh well. Madi is having a good time in 6th grade. I am the best at spelling! I can spell miraculous, melodious, and a lot more. I love the subject in school. Thats it for now!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Madison's Birthday

This day was a school day, so there wasn't much to say from 8-3. But after that we had tacos and cake. Madi had her party on the 19th, so this was the second cake. Happy Birthday Madi!

School Pictures

On Monday the 21st, Barley Sheaf had there school pictures. I wore a Pink Ralph Lauren dress, while Simon wore a Ralph Lauren Shirt. Pics coming Soon! I had mine after Gym, After Lunch, and after Math. It was a very good, not so good picture day. I wore my hair down nicely and here above is the exact dress I wore. School Pics coming soon to you!


Today's Subject with Kasey is her talking. Kasey calls everything something diffrent, for example she calls my Ah-Ah. We can figure that out by just saying, "Kasey show us or go get whatever you are saying." Then she would come back and we would get the word. Like Adee. It can be used in many of her ways. She usually uses it for the word "again". Besides that, it means other one. When you ask her something and she says....Upff, Alfac, or Alfuff, that means Yes. So I asked her, "Kasey who is your favorite football team?" She said back to me," Ah-Ah Deyah-yah." We figured out that meant Steelers. That is it for Kasey today. Check back soon for more Kasey!

School Launched!

School has been officaly launched! Everyone is in a new grade. Simon is in first, I am in fourth, and Madi is in Sixth. Simon has Miss.Importico, I have Mrs.Carson, and Madi has Miss.Duccett.
Miss.Duccett I'm not sure if thats how you spell. On our first day, the day seemed to take FOREVER! I was so bored. On our third day everything was great! Simon loves buying lunch. I love getting to check out 4 books out at the Library. Madi loves her teacher, because she doesn't give a lot of homework. Oh yes- by the way Madi isn't at Barley Sheaf, she is at RFIS. Next year I will be there and she will be in JP Case. I don't have many pics, yet. I will post them as the year goes along. School has been Launched.

Allison's Birthday!

On September 8th, it just so happend to be my Birthday! We were in Cape May, not to mention school started tomorrow. I woke up happy as could be and we went out for a birthday breakfast at the blue pig. We ended up leaving after that. When we came home, it was dinner time. I told my Mom I wanted Chillis to go. We all said ok to that, and placed our order. After that we went to Shop Rite, and got my cake and some other treats! It was a death by chocolate cake! YUM! I couldn't wait to blow out those candles. Yes I turned 9. After that I went to bed. The next day was school. Thank you all for who gave me the birthday money. I had a great birthday and I was happy to share it with you.

The Colon Firecrackers!

Yes, this is my 4th blog. The others ones I found no use for- this will be the all the time Colon News report. I (Alli) Will be reporting every week about what is going on, starting with my birthday. Most of the pics are taken by me, you may not even see many pics, if it is layed out horribly, don't tell me. I know. Blogging is hard, but fun! Can't wait to do. First Post my Birthday!