Monday, November 2, 2009

Turkey Month!

It is officaly November (Turkey Month) and we are having Thanksgiving here this year. We are so happy to have everyone coming. And this means.......... Turkey Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!!!! TURKEY MONTH! Turkey month is very awesome. Stay tuned for our Turkey month even if you aren't coming.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade

Every year at Barley Sheaf, we have a halloween parade! Whether your a princess or a ninja, anyone can come. We get to dress up and walk around the black top with our friends waving to all the parents who show up. Like I said earlier, I have Mrs. Carson. Out of our whole class, she is the only one who likes the phillies, so she was a philly. However once when the phillies won, she wrote a message that was to tell us we are wrong!
I was Padme from Star Wars,and Simon was Han Solo from Star wars, and Madi is going to be a rapper. Tomorrow is Halloween! And we are so happy! :) As you see above, we had our parade.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gingerbread Man (3)

We left off right where I hoped it didn't harden, lets keep going.

I looked at Simon and he was too busy coloring to look at me looking at him for him to look at the mix (wow a lot of look). I washed my hands then I touched the one of the legs gently. It felt moist, not too hard and not too mushy. I went back to the sink.

4 hours had past and still no decorating him. We had gotten our flu shots, H1N1s, and played. Not to metion in the pan came the sample of the gingerbread man dude so we could get an idea how to make it, and dad put the pic in my room. Yeah!!!!

Still I wondered about this gingerbread dude. Would I like him? Will Kasey eat him before we put the gum drops on???

I waited for dinner to come and that lasted 30 minutes, not to mention having to clean up 8 spots (Mom, Dad, Madi, Alli, Simon, Kasey, Grandma, and Moe) one after the other. I went upstairs and hoped Our Gingy wouldn't crack.

I just hoped we could make gum drop buttons.

Occasion???? Not yet.......

To be Contiuned............

Gingerbread Man! 2

Where did I leave off? Oh yes right when we saw the kits.

So I asked my father if we could get it. He said yes, because he knew I wanted one. So I grabbed it and quickly walked to the register. Right then I said we need the mix to make it. We thought for a minute, then dad said we could go to Shop Rite. Well Mom and I were supposed to do that when we got home. We got to the car and unexpectly drove over to Shop Rite. Well this sounded confusing. Mom was going food shopping when we came home, but Dad and I went before coming home, how bazar. I also noticed that we didn't get anything else, just the mix.

I grabbed the "mix" and put it in the basket. My turn to carry someting for once. So we got to the register and went home. I shared the pan and how cool it would be to use this mix. But of course, we didn't have enough. How come???? Well lets put one thing straight we had 1 arm. I thought for sure it would all melt, but it didn't. We put the other flavor in the fridge and put our "Gingerbread man" in the oven. I showed Mom and then we zipped off.

Surely I knew we would be there for a while, but we were only gone for 1 hour, not 2. When we got home, Grandma was here. I showed our Gingerbread man and she thought it was cool. So we had waited for it to cool, letting it sit out with nothing covering it. Hopefully it won't harden.

That was NOT the occasion.

To be Continued....................

Gingerbread man!


Ok so maybe I have made tons of gingerbread men before, but this time is not the same. This time instead of Gingerbread we used-ehh maybe I should let you figure it out. Ok???

So this year with a rare occasion, I watched Shrek with Kasey. Thats not the occasion. I watched and was curious than bored than curious. Right after that, I saw this awesome little Gingerbread dude. I though that he was awesome. After that, I watched Shrek 2. I saw the Gingerbread man again-turns out his name is Gingy. So I was being a little crazy everytime he showed up. Kasey was more curious about Shrek than I was. So I was flying solo for this one. :(

Gingy is a little Gingerbread man who has 3 gum drop buttons and frosting on his arms and legs. As you see in the picture above, Gingy is small. But still that is not the occasion. I got so into this movie and I made a story about him. But of course, I had to watch a lot more to get the characters straight again. When I was-ehh younger I watched Shrek. I had only remembered two of the main characters: Shrek and Fioanna. So I had to watch to get all my characters straight.

Remember how I told you Gingy's name???? Well I told you that because my story Gingy is named Mr.Gingerbread man. But that doesn't make my story bad right???? Well turns out It is bad to me.

So after watching Shrek 1 and 2, I asked dad if we could go get a Gingerbread man kit. So we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We looked around, and saw that they only had Giant Gingerbread man kits.

To Be Contiuned......................................

Mischief night?

If you are reading this, you know that halloween is 2 days away. We are all going (maybe not Madi) and will get some fun out of this. But everyone knows the night before is mischief night, Right???????
Well tomorrow we will see about that....................................................................................................

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 more Tests to talk about!

Simon and I had some tests lately, and I would like to chit chat with you about them.

Math test! I had a test on math. Easy of course, but not everything went right for everyone. I had to know my lines, rays, angles, shapes, and all of that stuff. Turns out I did well. Math is my least favorite subject, but I am really good at it!

Spelling Test! Simon had his spelling test. The chunk of the week was -at. Of course he got 100%! Heres the sentence he wrote: I love my fat cat. Know what fat cat??? Of course the whole class did that sentence. Simon is really good at spelling and I'm not surprised.

Spelling Test! I had my spelling test the same day Simon did. Now my words were a lot diffrent than Simon's. My pattern was "double letters and add ing". Some of the words I had were planning, trainning, chopping, and others. I got another A+! We are on fire with these tests!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Test!

I had my Social Studies test, easy as pie! Did you know that there are five oceans?????
Well now you do! It is called the Southern Ocean. I got an A +, and extra credit! Of course I had all my periods. I had to know what a grid was, longitude lines, lattiude lines, Equator, globe, sphere, scale, and a lot more. For lattuide we thing of fattiude. That means it wraps around! I aced it!

Another Birthday!

Happy b-day Dad! On October 3rd, we had to celebrate again We got a Fudgy the whale cake, but here is how our day went:

Wake Up



Discussion on where for lunch.

End up at Hibachi house.



Go home



Put Goo to sleep


Goo woke up.

TV time


Sing Happy birthday

Blow out candles

Dig in!

Good nite!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


This year, is my last year at Barley Sheaf, and they let the 4th graders have 2 concerts. You can join chorus, chimes, or advance recorder. They are all free, but you have to try out. So I went at 8 in the morning to school to try out. Well a lot of kids wanted to try out, luckly I was one of the best. Ms.Golding, our music teacher choose 13 kids for winter and 13 for spring. I got chosen for spring. I wanted winter, oh well. Chimes Ring like a beautiful bell. Thats it for now- TTUL!

School: Simon's Spelling Test!

Simon had his first spelling test yesterday. Congrats Simon! His chunk of the week was -an. He knew all the words, like van, tan, man, ran, and plan. I was impressed when I saw his paper! Simon got 100%! That would be no surprise for me, but for him, wow! See you next time on our next test!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School Spelling

Everyone wants to know how school is going, so I will tell. I got an A+ on my spelling test. It was easy as pie. Simon is loving first grade. He got picked to be with Mr.Kassick. Congrats Simon! At school, tomorrow is the last day on the Island Flamingos (my table). Every table chooses a team name and we get stars if we do good things, and the table with the most stars at the end of the day wins a surprise. Oh well. Madi is having a good time in 6th grade. I am the best at spelling! I can spell miraculous, melodious, and a lot more. I love the subject in school. Thats it for now!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Madison's Birthday

This day was a school day, so there wasn't much to say from 8-3. But after that we had tacos and cake. Madi had her party on the 19th, so this was the second cake. Happy Birthday Madi!

School Pictures

On Monday the 21st, Barley Sheaf had there school pictures. I wore a Pink Ralph Lauren dress, while Simon wore a Ralph Lauren Shirt. Pics coming Soon! I had mine after Gym, After Lunch, and after Math. It was a very good, not so good picture day. I wore my hair down nicely and here above is the exact dress I wore. School Pics coming soon to you!


Today's Subject with Kasey is her talking. Kasey calls everything something diffrent, for example she calls my Ah-Ah. We can figure that out by just saying, "Kasey show us or go get whatever you are saying." Then she would come back and we would get the word. Like Adee. It can be used in many of her ways. She usually uses it for the word "again". Besides that, it means other one. When you ask her something and she says....Upff, Alfac, or Alfuff, that means Yes. So I asked her, "Kasey who is your favorite football team?" She said back to me," Ah-Ah Deyah-yah." We figured out that meant Steelers. That is it for Kasey today. Check back soon for more Kasey!

School Launched!

School has been officaly launched! Everyone is in a new grade. Simon is in first, I am in fourth, and Madi is in Sixth. Simon has Miss.Importico, I have Mrs.Carson, and Madi has Miss.Duccett.
Miss.Duccett I'm not sure if thats how you spell. On our first day, the day seemed to take FOREVER! I was so bored. On our third day everything was great! Simon loves buying lunch. I love getting to check out 4 books out at the Library. Madi loves her teacher, because she doesn't give a lot of homework. Oh yes- by the way Madi isn't at Barley Sheaf, she is at RFIS. Next year I will be there and she will be in JP Case. I don't have many pics, yet. I will post them as the year goes along. School has been Launched.

Allison's Birthday!

On September 8th, it just so happend to be my Birthday! We were in Cape May, not to mention school started tomorrow. I woke up happy as could be and we went out for a birthday breakfast at the blue pig. We ended up leaving after that. When we came home, it was dinner time. I told my Mom I wanted Chillis to go. We all said ok to that, and placed our order. After that we went to Shop Rite, and got my cake and some other treats! It was a death by chocolate cake! YUM! I couldn't wait to blow out those candles. Yes I turned 9. After that I went to bed. The next day was school. Thank you all for who gave me the birthday money. I had a great birthday and I was happy to share it with you.

The Colon Firecrackers!

Yes, this is my 4th blog. The others ones I found no use for- this will be the all the time Colon News report. I (Alli) Will be reporting every week about what is going on, starting with my birthday. Most of the pics are taken by me, you may not even see many pics, if it is layed out horribly, don't tell me. I know. Blogging is hard, but fun! Can't wait to do. First Post my Birthday!