Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gingerbread Man! 2

Where did I leave off? Oh yes right when we saw the kits.

So I asked my father if we could get it. He said yes, because he knew I wanted one. So I grabbed it and quickly walked to the register. Right then I said we need the mix to make it. We thought for a minute, then dad said we could go to Shop Rite. Well Mom and I were supposed to do that when we got home. We got to the car and unexpectly drove over to Shop Rite. Well this sounded confusing. Mom was going food shopping when we came home, but Dad and I went before coming home, how bazar. I also noticed that we didn't get anything else, just the mix.

I grabbed the "mix" and put it in the basket. My turn to carry someting for once. So we got to the register and went home. I shared the pan and how cool it would be to use this mix. But of course, we didn't have enough. How come???? Well lets put one thing straight we had 1 arm. I thought for sure it would all melt, but it didn't. We put the other flavor in the fridge and put our "Gingerbread man" in the oven. I showed Mom and then we zipped off.

Surely I knew we would be there for a while, but we were only gone for 1 hour, not 2. When we got home, Grandma was here. I showed our Gingerbread man and she thought it was cool. So we had waited for it to cool, letting it sit out with nothing covering it. Hopefully it won't harden.

That was NOT the occasion.

To be Continued....................

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