Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 more Tests to talk about!

Simon and I had some tests lately, and I would like to chit chat with you about them.

Math test! I had a test on math. Easy of course, but not everything went right for everyone. I had to know my lines, rays, angles, shapes, and all of that stuff. Turns out I did well. Math is my least favorite subject, but I am really good at it!

Spelling Test! Simon had his spelling test. The chunk of the week was -at. Of course he got 100%! Heres the sentence he wrote: I love my fat cat. Know what fat cat??? Of course the whole class did that sentence. Simon is really good at spelling and I'm not surprised.

Spelling Test! I had my spelling test the same day Simon did. Now my words were a lot diffrent than Simon's. My pattern was "double letters and add ing". Some of the words I had were planning, trainning, chopping, and others. I got another A+! We are on fire with these tests!

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