Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade

Every year at Barley Sheaf, we have a halloween parade! Whether your a princess or a ninja, anyone can come. We get to dress up and walk around the black top with our friends waving to all the parents who show up. Like I said earlier, I have Mrs. Carson. Out of our whole class, she is the only one who likes the phillies, so she was a philly. However once when the phillies won, she wrote a message that was to tell us we are wrong!
I was Padme from Star Wars,and Simon was Han Solo from Star wars, and Madi is going to be a rapper. Tomorrow is Halloween! And we are so happy! :) As you see above, we had our parade.


  1. It's so great that you guys get to dress up and have a parade. Justin and Ryan's school won't let anyone wear costumes. That is why we are so glad they are tracked out of school during Halloween!

  2. Awh. We were freezing though

  3. I just wish that I took better pictures! We are lucky that our awesome PTO takes care of all of these fun things! haha