Sunday, January 10, 2010


Santa Claus came! It was a white christmas (i guess) and Santa was very cool this year. Santa brought me uggs, a snugiee, Wreck this Journal, Chess, Gingy plush, Scooby Doo plush, Chess timer, a bracelet kit, and more! Simon got legos, a video camera, pokemeon action figures, a baukgan, and more. Kasey got a Dublo set, a makeup kit, blocks, a pizza kit, and more! Madi got a cool bag, a llama stuffed animal, zebra converse, uggs, hypro dash, and more. Don't forget Madi got a letter to Santa saying she will have a day at Abercrombie & Fitch in New York. No she hasn't used it yet. Santa was fantastic! pics soon!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland! I was on my way to lunch like everyone else, when I got pulled out of line by my music teacher Ms. Golding. I was asked to play the role of Small Alice! That means I would meet the Caterpillar, Flowers, and the door knob. I am very small, so i'm perfectfor the role. And I will be so amazing!

Thanksgiving visit!

Back at Thanksgiving, we had some visiters. Not going to Grandma Sonia's, but when we came home we had guest. Grandma Bonnie, Grandpa, and Bradley. We played legos, built a gingerbread house, made cookies, and more! It was a nice visit. We had fun getting down and funky. Here are the pictures of our adventures!
Alli, Bradley, Grandma, Kasey, Madi, Mom, Grandpa, and Simon.
Alli, Madi, Grandma, Kasey, and Simon.
We really had a blast! We can't wait to see everyone again soon!