Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gingerbread Man (3)

We left off right where I hoped it didn't harden, lets keep going.

I looked at Simon and he was too busy coloring to look at me looking at him for him to look at the mix (wow a lot of look). I washed my hands then I touched the one of the legs gently. It felt moist, not too hard and not too mushy. I went back to the sink.

4 hours had past and still no decorating him. We had gotten our flu shots, H1N1s, and played. Not to metion in the pan came the sample of the gingerbread man dude so we could get an idea how to make it, and dad put the pic in my room. Yeah!!!!

Still I wondered about this gingerbread dude. Would I like him? Will Kasey eat him before we put the gum drops on???

I waited for dinner to come and that lasted 30 minutes, not to mention having to clean up 8 spots (Mom, Dad, Madi, Alli, Simon, Kasey, Grandma, and Moe) one after the other. I went upstairs and hoped Our Gingy wouldn't crack.

I just hoped we could make gum drop buttons.

Occasion???? Not yet.......

To be Contiuned............

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